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Spiritual Activities

Tour Schedule

Satguru Baba Kehar Singh ji's tour schedule for North America and Europe can be found at the following link:

Tour Schedule

Bhandaras at the Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran

On the birth /death/days of the Masters of the Dera, Devotees come in hundreds of thousands to listen to the discourse of the present Master. They stay for a couple of days and discuss their individual spiritual difficulties with the Master. Suitable arrangement for their boarding and lodging is made at Dera.

After each 'Bhandara' the Master initiates the deserving devotees and thus puts them on the path to God realization.

Satsangs at other places in India

Dera Baba Bagga Singh, TaranTaran has established Satsang Centers at various cities in India. Each center has been allotted one to four Satsangs by the Master (discourses by the Master), which are organized by the local secretaries at different times of the year as designated by the present Master Baba Kehar Singh ji. He personally directs the activities of all these Centers with the help of the local devotees. At these Centers the Master also responds to the spiritual questions of the devotees and tries to resolve them. After the Satsang, the Master also initiates deserving devotees.

Foreign Visits

To quench the spiritual thirst of his devotees living abroad, the Master visits UK, France, USA and Canada every year. The Master has also visited Holland, Germany, Greece, Norway and Spain. Satsangs are arranged and discourses on Sant Mat are delivered by the Master. The Master answers individual spiritual difficulties and advices to assist in their progress on the inner journey. Deserving devotees are also initiated.

Books on Sant Mat

Our present Master, Baba Kehar Singh ji is a poet and a philosopher. His poems and Satsangs are printed in books which are published in Punjabi, Hindi, English and a few other Indian languages. A partial list of publications is provided under Books on this web site.

Initiation ("Naam Daan")

The main purpose of a Living Master is to liberate his marked souls from this world. Satugurus come to this world for this one purpose only. They move around the world, gather their disciples, put them on the right path of God realization and then leave this world. Devotees are initiated at various Centers only to meet this end.

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