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Param Sant Swami ji

Param Sant Swami ji

Swami ji was the first satguru to start the teachings of Radha Swami faith. His actual name was Seth Shivdayal Singh ji. His parents were the followers of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib from Hathras, India. He was born with Param Sant Tulsi Sahib's blessings on August 25, 1818 in Panni street, Agra U.P. India. Sant Tulsi Sahib ji initiated him at the age of six.

He practiced 'Surat Shabd Yoga' for 15 years and started satsang publically on Vasant Panchami (a spring festival) in 1861. This schedule continued for 17 years.

Swami ji named his philosophy as 'Satnaam Anaami'. His deciple Saligram ji said, "Radha Swami name is good". There after this philosophy was called 'Radha Swami'.

Swami ji has described the secret of divine and true 'Naam'. He wrote a book in two parts named 'Saar Vachan Chhand Band' and 'Saar Vachan Vartik'.

During his life time Swami ji never accepted any gift for his personal use, rather spent his personal wealth for the best end.

For 59 years and 10 months he liberated more than four thousand devotees through initiation. Among his devotees were males and females from different religions and castes.

He left his mortal body on June 5, 1878 in Panni street Agra U.P India.

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