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Baba Kehar Singh ji

Baba Kehar Singh ji

(The present and fourth Master of the Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran)

Baba Kehar Singh ji was born on Dec 26, 1926 in village Chandian Talawa Chakk no. 201 Distt. Layalpur, pre-partition India (this village and distt. are now in Pakistan). His father was Baba Pratap Singh ji the preceding Satguru and mother was Mata Thakar Kaur ji. As a baby Baba Kehar Singh ji used to cry a lot. The grand father Sardar Jodh Singh ji and father Baba Pratap Singh ji sought the blessings of their Satguru for baby Baba Kehar Singh ji, and requested him to visit their home and bless the baby boy so that he would not cry so much. Baba Bagga Singh ji went to bless the new baby boy. Baba Bagga Singh ji asked the mother to put the baby boy on the ground, and he rubbed the baby boy's forehead with his big toe. After that the baby boy never cried again. The Satguru told Sardar Jodh Singh Ji, "This baby boy is very lucky and I have got many tasks to be done by him." Baba Kehar Singh ji was initiated by Baba Bagga Singh ji on May 18, 1943.

After Baba Pratap Singh ji left this world and all the rituals were completed with the blessings of Maharaj Charan Singh ji (the Satguru of Dera Beas at that time), Baba Kehar Singh ji was selected the next Sant Satguru by the managing committee of the Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran, according to the 'Will' of Baba Pratap Singh ji. The patron Sardar Hira Singh ji of Dera Baba Bagga Singh managing committee performed the ceremony of "Guru Gaddi" on May 12, 1988. His speech delivered at that time is translated below:

"Radha Swami! I am crying in my heart. Once, when I was a baby, Baba Bagga Singh ji took the shoe off his right foot and rubbed my forehead with his big toe and said to my grand father Sardar Jodh Singh ji, 'Here after this boy will not cry.' And Baba Pratap Singh ji used to say, 'Since then you have become so strong hearted that the tears never appear in your eyes.' Today, in the presence of the people gathered here, by the order of Baba Pratap Singh ji, this responsibility has been put on my shoulders. I requested the members of the committee not to burden me with this responsibility. But this is the desire of the committee, by the will of Baba Pratap Singh ji. They did not permit me to say a thing. I am a person without qualities whose whole life is spent in the Govt. service. I know that my conduct would not have been perfect, like the cat who ate a hundred mice then went to Church for pilgrimage. I don't know what Baba ji and committee has seen in me when they handed over this responsibility to me. I surely accept this and plead to the 'sangat' (devotees) that I cannot offer anything that I consider worthy of you. I humbly plead to the 'sangat' that you cannot get the same love from me which you got from Baba Pratap Singh ji, because he was a ocean of love, and a person with one thousand drops pales in comparison.

Since you have assigned this duty to me, I plead to the 'sangat', that I need your love. If I do not love enough, the 'sangat' should compel me to love the 'sangat'. I am reminded of a kafi (a couplet ) of Bulleshah (a muslim saint):

(I am neither beautiful, nor have I any qualities. What should I be proud of. All the four corners of my life are covered in mud. Which corner should I wash.)

Whom should I convince. 'Sangat' should also pray for me. May I be blessed by Baba Bagga Singh ji, Baba Deva Singh ji and Baba Pratap Singh ji with enough love that I can share it with all of you. I expect from the 'sangat' that 'sangat' should love me. I need 'sangat's' love."

From the very childhood Baba Kehar Singh ji has served the Dera and it's devotees with all sincerty. Since he has become the Satguru, Dera and it's devotees are his first preference. He started Initiation on May 18,1991. Besides buying additional land, building guest houses and new public kitchen in the Dera, he has established many 'Satsang' centers in India at Delhi, Tata Nagar, Lucknow, Nagpur, Etah, Ambala, Karnal, Nada near Chandigarh, Doraha, Jajje Kalan, Behram, Patiala, Samrala, Payal, Doraha, Malerkotla, Nabha, Barbal near Khalilabad and Ludhiana (this is the biggest Satsang center). On the first day of every Indian calendar month, Baba ji delivers a 'Satsang' to a large gathering.

He has visited Holland, Scotland, Belgium and Germany. He visits UK, Canada and USA regularly. He delivers Satsangs, initiates the seekers and guides them through the spiritual path, with disregard for his personal comforts and at the expense of his own health. Christ said, "I have come to collect my marked sheep". It is truly seen in Baba ji's life. He visits the places where his listed souls are residing. Sant Satguru perceives the time of initiation of his listed souls.

He conveys the message of love and says, "God is the embodiment of love. If you want to please your Satguru and realize God you must love your family, your spouse, children, brothers, sisters, parents and the people around you. Without contradicting any religion, he shows the path to God realization. He has come in this world to spread love and benevolence. He is the perfect master of this time. He says that to realize God three things are must-Guru, Gyan (Naam) and Dhyan i.e. Master, Knowledge and Meditation. A Perfect Master can provide you the Knowledge about God realization and link you to him through initiation and then by regular meditation as per the instructions of Satguru you can realize God. God appears in this world in human form. Christ, Guru Nanak Dev ji, Saint Kabir ji and other saints were all incarnations of the one and only God. They showed the path to God through their message that could be understood by human beings. Human life is a chance given by God to realize him. Insects, vegetation, animals, and other forms of life can enjoy their food and life, and have off springs, but cannot realize God. Baba Kehar Singh ji says that if one has the desire to realize God one must adopt a Perfect Master of the time and with the Master's guidance must find the path to God within the human body. A living body is the temple of God. God is present within all living beings. To meet God, we must look within. We will be successful in meeting God in his temple, i.e., our own body, with the help of the Perfect living Master of our time.

Reference: "Anurag Sagar (Kabir Sahib) - spiritual discourses by Baba Kehar Singh ji", authored by Baba Kehar Singh ji.

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