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Baba Deva Singh ji

Baba Deva Singh ji

(The second Master of the Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran)

Baba deva Singh ji was born on Sep 25, 1885 in village Tut Dhahe Wala in Distt. Lahore of undivided India, which is now in Distt. Amritsar, India.

To pursue his interest in spirituality and God realization, he left his home in search of a guru who could help him to attain his objective. He visited several sages and at last met with Nirmala sage who guided him to Baba Bagga Singh ji, the Perfect Master he was searching for. He devoted his whole life to the Master and the Dera. He was initiated on Asharh 16, 1956, Vikrami Samvat at the age of 14 and became a verses reader (Pathi) to his Satguru.

As per the instructions of his Satguru (Baba Jaimal Singh ji) Baba Bagga Singh ji never ignored Baba Deva Singh ji in his whole life. After Baba Bagga Singh ji left this mortal world Baba Deva Singh ji was appointed the next Satguru by Baba Sawan Singh ji. At the time of this ceremony Baba Sawan Singh ji announced, "The person who will differentiate between Beas and Tarn Taran will straight away go the hell."

Baba Deva Singh ji was blessed with unlimited love and benevolence from his Master Baba Bagga Singh ji, Baba Jaimal Singh ji and Baba Garib Das ji (another saint). He served the Dera for 15 years and initiated many devotees. He suddenly left this world without leaving a will for succession.

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