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Baba Kehar Singh Ji's Message for 2011

Year 2010 is ending and 2011 is knocking at our door. Let us contemplate whether we have done something good for the community, society and country in the year 2010? Have we put in effort to unite our soul with God? I am thankful to everyone for celebrating my birthday by enthusiastically singing Shabads and songs; and arranging food for the whole Sangat. Last year I conveyed the message for everyone to try and become a part of somebody’s life; and thus make the birthday of your dearest one memorable. You have come together to celebrate the birthday of your near and dear one with great pomp and show to express your happiness. I am happy because you are happy; but my wholehearted happiness desires that you should donate blood to celebrate my birthday. The blood you donate can give the gift of a new life to someone! Doing this you will be benefitted in this life as well as in the next!

If you want to have a celebration; celebrate my birthday by arranging a blood donation camp. In my opinion donating body parts is also something Great! After death the body will be burnt, buried in the sand, or put in the flowing water of a river; but it will not make any difference to you. Using a body part donated by you, a person can get good health and will be able to lead a good life. You will get the benefit in your next life.

All the great Saints in this world have described giving away a daughter’s hand in marriage as one of the greatest gifts; but I understand that these days arranging this gift has become increasingly more expensive. The reason is the increasing cost of living. For rich or poor alike it is like climbing up a steep valley, and it takes borrowing a ladder of money to climb up. Paying off the debt becomes a cause of hardship for the whole family; that is why more and more people are choosing to abort the female fetus. Killing a fetus is one of the greatest sins. I pleaded against it in my last year’s message as well. Today girls are progressing shoulder to shoulder with boys in every field; they have been to outer-space and back. If they were killed as a fetus, this country would lose a Valuable Jewel.

I got an opportunity to visit Dayalbagh in Agra. Their organization does not allow their Satsangis to spend more than Rs. 15,000 for their girls’ weddings. We should limit the wedding expenditure to within our means. If my Sangat cooperates, I too would wish to implement this limit. The Sangat and devotees also wish to limit the expenditure for a girl’s wedding; but where the boys’ parents do not cooperate, it becomes difficult to follow through.

Human Beings are the highest of all Creation (ashraf-ul-makhluqat) of God; but we do not put that role into practice. We should receive the knowledge of the Creator, the Supreme Soul. We should perform repetition (Simran) and meditation and try to unite with Him. The one capability unique to, and available only to a human being, is the ability to gain Knowledge of the Supreme Soul, and the ability to unite with Him. We should try to understand the method of dying while living described by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji; and we should contemplate about where we are going after our death. Only then can we claim our right to be called human beings; otherwise wherein lies the difference between man and animals? The lower species, i.e. animals, birds etc., live their life to the full. They produce offspring, as well as nourish and nurture them; teaching them to either walk or fly on their own. But they are not capable of attaining the necessary knowledge and uniting with God. If we do not make use of this unique capability gifted to human beings by God, and Practice It, our lifetime will go to waste. That is why we should seek the company of Saints and Enlightened Souls; receive initiation (Naam) and try to unite with God through Repetition and Meditation; thus making our human life successful.

If God blesses one with strength and power, then one should not gloat with ego. Sheikh Saadi was poet to a great emperor. His son used the status of his father to intimidate his friends and boast his ego. Sheikh Saadi checked him and said, “You are using my name to intimidate your friends. The day you will be presented in the Court of God you will be begging for mercy with open hands; but no one will come to your rescue. Only your deeds will accompany you; and only these can come to your aid there! Referencing Sheikh Saadi’s status will not work!” Therefore we should stay within His Order and act appropriately.

(Kehar Singh)

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