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Introduction to the Radha Swami faith

This site has been published with the blessings of the present master Baba Kehar Singh ji.  This sheds light on the subjects, which the seekers of God are eager to know.

Everyone in this world is in search of happiness.  Ignorant of its source, we try to find it in materialistic comforts.  We worship idols, go to holy places, and seek seclusion in jungles in search of God.  We are not successful as God cannot be realized in worldly places or idols.  God resides within us, and we must look within ourselves to find the path that leads to God.

To find peace and happiness we must unite our soul with God.  Only this union can make us happy.  The method of uniting the soul with God can be learnt from a Perfect Master who is already united with God.

A Perfect Master is personified God.  Christ defined the Master as "The Word made Flesh".  A Perfect Master and Shabad (Nam or Word) are the true means to unite the soul with God.

The Perfect Master, Shabad Guru and God are the three forms of God; like the girl who is a daughter for her parents, wife for her husband and mother for her child, but she is one and the same person.

In this physical world God comes to us in the form of a Perfect living Master.  When we retrace ourselves inwards and find our way to the higher spiritual regions within us, the same living Master appears as Shabad Guru.  When we reach the ultimate abode we find the same Perfect Master as God.

If we have a keen desire to realize God, the Perfect Master comes to help us.  The Master initiates us with Nam, tells us the method of meditation and our regular meditation practice leads us to our union with God.  The drop becomes the ocean after merging into the ocean, Aatmaa becomes Param Aatmaa after its union with God.

God responds to the cries of the suffering souls, and comes to this world in the form of Saints to remind us that the very purpose of human life is God realization.  Unless we are aware of the Satguru, the perfect living Master, we cannot realize God.  Only a perfect living Master can guide us through the path to God realization.  Without the help of a perfect living Master we cannot be released from the net of Kal and Maya.  The Master is the only mediator who can connect our soul to God.  Therefore devotion to a Perfect Master means devotion to God.

Saints tell us that this world is perishable.  Everything in this world is changing continuously.  Nothing is stable here.  It is the region of death and is like a wall of sand, which can fall at any time.  We cannot find permanent peace in this perishable world.  The thing that does not perish is Nam.  By uniting ourselves with that Nam, we can release ourselves from the cycle of re-birth of our soul in this unstable world, and find a permanent seat in the home of God, and find peace forever.

To realize God, we need not live a life of isolation away from our home, family, and the society.  God is within all of us.  We can realize God while living in our home and family.

Human life is an opportunity to unite with God.  Only human beings can understand the teachings of Saints, who come to this world as human beings to be our guides.  As all things in this world are perishable, nothing will accompany the soul after death, not even the body in which it resides.  Only a Perfect Master and Nam will accompany us to save us from the sufferings after death.  To find happiness in this world and the next world we must adopt a Perfect living Master, be initiated by the Master, meditate as per the Master's instructions and reach the abode of God to find permanent peace.

A child goes to a fair holding his father's hand.  He thinks that he is finding happiness in the various items and activities of the fair.  Suddenly he is separated from his father and gets lost in the crowd.  Though all that the fair has to offer is still there, the child starts crying.  It is then the child realizes that happiness lies in the company of his father, not in the fair.

In the same manner if we are in the care of our Master we lead a content and peaceful life in this world and are shielded from the sufferings after death.

To unite ourselves with God, we must meditate under the guidance of our Master, without relinquishing our responsibilities towards our family and our society.

A vegetarian diet is a must.  No meat, eggs, fish, alcohol, or mind-expanding drugs are permitted to a disciple.  We are accountable for our every act, in the court of God.  Accountability for a diet other than the recommended is extremely high.  To minimize the negative repercussions and payback we should take the lowest form of life, which are plants.

All disciples should not be a burden to the society and must live on their own earnings.  Disciples must lead a monogamous or a celibate life style.

Radha Swami faith is based on the fact that Atma (Soul) is part of Paramatma (God).  Human body is made of five elements prithvi (earth or soil), jal (water), vayu (air), agni (fire) and akash (ether).  At the time of pralay (dooms day), the earth will be absorbed by water, water by fire, fire by air and air by akash.  Mind goes back to Niranjan (Kal) as mind is the agent of Kal.  There is one more thing in our body, i.e., Atma (Soul) which is a part of Paramatma.  Every element is happy to join its source.  Earth's source is earth, water's source is ocean, Fire's source is sun, Air's source is atmosphere , Akash's source is aakash itself and Atma's source is Paramatma.  Aatma will be happy when it goes back to Paramatma.

Radha Swami Satgurus convey the same philosophy as other saints do.  Let us think about the Atma, how will it go back to its source.  Christ said, "Know thyself. "  Guru Nanak Dev ji said, "We have to die before death."

If we die before death we can come to know the source of the Atma, i.e., Paramatma.  To know the method of dying before death we need a Perfect Master who has experienced such a death.  The Perfect Master will bless us with Nam, teach the method of dying before death through meditation and help us to unite our Atma with its source, the Paramatmaa.  Radha Swami Satgurus, Sikh Satgurus, Kabir Sahib ji and other saints describe Nam as the Supreme Power which has created the whole world.  Guru Nanak Dev ji has said in the Sikh holy book Adi Granth:

This Nam came into existence by itself.  This power of Nam created God and God created sixteen sons (powers).  They are named as Kurm Bhagat, Gyani ji, Sahaj Bhagat, Sahate ji, Banke ji, Niranjan, etc.  According to Guru Nanak Dev ji Nam has been described as Saar Shabad.  This power has created Anami Desh (the nameless region, the eighth and the highest region), Agam Desh (the inaccessible region, the seventh spiritual region), Alakh Desh (invisible region, the Sixth spiritual region) and Sach Khand (the true or imperishable region).  The Saar Shabad coming from Anami Desh stopped at Sach Khand and was named as Satnam.  This power of Satnam created two regions named Bhanwar Gupha and Daswan Dwar and came down as Shabad.  Guru Nanak Dev ji described this Shabad in a holy book named Praan Sangli as:

This very Shabad creates, fosters and destroys the world.  This power of Shabad has created two regions Trikuti or Brahma and Sahansdal Kanwal or Turiyapad.  There are six chakras from the back of the eyes to the top of the head (up to Anami region of Paramatma).  The similar charkas are also present from the soles of the feet to the back of the eyes.  Radha Swami do not feel the need to describe the six Chakras in the lower body because their journey is from the back of eyes to the Anami Desh.  Still we must know about them.  Those who practice yoga and those who have not adopted any Guru, or have adopted a Guru whose approach is only up to the level of Brahma stay in these Chakras.

At the time of death the soul starts to contract from the nails of the hands and feet and goes upward.  Here we must know that death is of two types:

  1. When our body is dead.
  2. When we retrace our soul through meditation and vacate the body, we lie down like a dead person but breathing and blood circulation goes on.

When yoga practitioners retrace their soul to start the upward journey inside the body, they first reach the Guda Chakra (the rectal plexus).  According to the old scriptures god Ganesh resides there.  He is the master of wealth and prosperity (Riddhi-Siddhi).  That is why Hindus worship god Ganesh.  The sound of Kilyng- Kilyng is heard there, and a four petal lotus exists there.  This center contains the element of earth.  After that they reach Genital Chakra (Indri Chakra).  It contains the element of water.  Brahma and Savitri are the masters of this center.  Brahma creates the world.  He is not concerned with any religion (Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, etc.).  A lotus with six petals exists there and the sound of Om-Om is heard there.  Then they reach the Navel Center (Nabhi Chakra).  The element of fire exists there.  God Vishnu and Laxmi are the masters of this center.  They foster the whole world.  They feed even the worm inside a stone.  The sound of Hiryng-Hiryng is heard there and a lotus with eight petals is present there.  Next they reach the Heart Center (Hridaya Chakra).  God Shiv and Parvati are the masters of this center.  Their duty is to order the destruction of the whole world.  The element of air exists there and the sound of Sohang-Sohang is heard.  Next they come to the center of throat (Kanth Chakra).  Eka Mai or Adi Bhawani or the mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Shiva is the master of this center.  A lotus with two petals exists there.  At the time of death a sound is heard from the throat of a dying person and the person is still alive but the Eka Mai and other gods mentioned above are disconnected.

According to Radha Swami philosophy the inward journey starts from `Tisra Til' (behind the eyes).  The Radha Swami Satgurus and Guru Nanak Dev ji said, "We are already sitting at the fifth stage.  So it is not wise to come down to the first stage to go to the tenth stage.  We should start from the place where we are already sitting (i.e., the fifth stage) with the help of the Satguru, Gyan and Dhyan (The Perfect Master, Knowledge or Nam and Meditation) and try to meet the Supreme Lord."  Radha Swami philosophy says, "We need not to relinquish our family, relatives and society.  By staying within limits and loving our family we can unite with God."  Guru Nanak Dev ji and all other Sikh gurus lived a married life.  They loved their family, united themselves with God and tried to unite others with Him.  A student's duty is to go to the school and a teacher's duty is to teach.  A passenger's duty is to buy the ticket, reach the railway platform and board the train.  To take him to his destination is the duty of the Railway.  Similarly it is the duty of the disciple to reach behind the eyes and Master's duty is to take him further on the path.

The present Satguru Baba Kehar Singh ji's practical experience says that there is a laboratory behind the eyes.  After initiation the disciple has to concentrate through meditation and reach behind the eyes and experiment in this laboratory.  When the disciple reaches behind the eyes the true form of the adopted living Perfect Master is present there.  The present Living Master is the first step to unite with that true form of the Satguru, God.

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