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Anurag Sagar
(Kabir Sahib)

Spiritual Discourse by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

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'Anurag Sagar' is the most famous book of Kabir Sahib. Questions about the creation of universe asked by Dhani Dharam Dass, the main disciple of Kabir Sahib, have been given in this book. And in reply Kabir Sahib has given a complete description of the creation of universe. Kabir Sahib says that in the beginning God was in deep thoughtless meditation and there was nothing else except 'Him'. The five elements had not manifested. Neither was this universe, nor any soul. All this (manifested universe) was within God. This state has also been described by Guru Nanak as follows:

He further explains that God thought of creating the universe and the 'Word' emanated from Him. This led to all the creation below Sat Lok. First of all, Satpurush created sixteen sons (sixteen manifestations or powers), Niranjan being one of them. Saints name him 'Kaal' or Brahm. He (Kaal or Brahm) worshiped Satpurush for 70 yugas and obtained in reward his right for a separate creation. Again he (Kaal) worshipped for 64 yugas and obtained a huge number of souls from Satpurush and in collaboration with primal Maya (Shakti) the three main Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and primal force Maya, was given the control of all the creation below Sat Lok. He (Niranjan or Kaal) was then completely absorbed in the meditation of Satpurush and primal force Maya was instructed not to reveal his (Kaal's) identity to his three children. Guru Nanak Sahib also describes this as follows:

Primal force Maya gave creation of this universe to Brahma, sustenance of the universe to Vishnu and destruction of the universe to Mahesh. After this Niranjan (Kaal) having created four Vedas and various religions through Brahma, started his own worship by all the souls. The souls were so beguiled that they forgot their real 'Home' and real 'Master'. The mind was associated with all the souls and they were so entangled in various 'Karam-Kand' (Rituals) that no soul of its own could escape to his real home. And the souls were governed by severe punishments.

Satpurush was moved to see the souls in grief and first of all asked his enlightened soul (Kabir Sahib) to go and free the souls from the clutches of Kaal and bring them to Him. Under the orders of Satpurush, Kabir appeared as Sat Sukrit in Satyuga and counseled a few souls for the real worship of Satpurush. Kaal told Kabir that he (Kabri Sahib) could not enter his kingdom. Kabir Sahib said that he was going under the orders of Satpuush to awaken the souls and if he (Kaal) tried to stop him, he (Kabir Sahib) could destroy his kingdom in a moment. Hearing this Kaal said, "I am governing through your grace only. Before going, please promise that you will not show any miracle to the souls to follow you. You will hold satsangs (spiritual discourses) for enlightenment and for preaching. You may make any soul your follower if he accepts your sayings." And Kabir Sahib gave him this boon. Had this boon been not given, how easy it would have been for the saints to make the souls their followers by showing miracles.

Kabir Sahib has described all the four yugas in this book. "Kaal Mat" (or the path of the Kaal) and "Dyaal Mat" (or the path of the Saints) have been described in detail.

Concluding his discourse Kabir Sahib says, "Dharam Das, I have explained the union of Soul and Word (Shabad Guru) in this book, Anurag Sagar. The Soul reaches Sat Lok with the help of Word (Shabad Guru). It is the union of the drop of water and the ocean. The Soul is a drop and the God is the ocean. Getting separated from the ocean, a drop suffers hot and cold conditions of the environment. Upon merging in the ocean the drop becomes the ocean. Similarly the Soul suffers on getting separated from the Lord. On merging in God, it becomes God. Dharam Das, lastly I say that a man should give up the counsel of the mind. He should not agree with mind but he should follow the path shown by his Master. In this way under the instructions of our Master we shall reach Sat Lok and feel happy on merging in the ocean of Peace."

Download or Read Anurag Sagar Part-I Online in English

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